Computer Automation Technology

Connecting a CAT to a Vertex-7000 Repeater





  1. The VXR-7000 COR output is active low. Install a pull-up resistor on the controller board at the COR-1 position.
  2. On the CAT controller set dipswitch #1 to the ON position. (COR Active Low)
  3. Set all VXR-7000 control switches to default position.
  4. Set the VXR-7000 Repeater/Base switch to the Base position. (Green lamp off).
  5. Set the VXR-7000 Remote/Local switch to the Remote position. (Green lamp on)
  6. Disable the VXR-7000 Timers.
  7. Disable the VXR-7000 Beep.
  8. Set the VXR-7000 Action Mode to Duplex.
  9. Set the VXR-7000 Hang Time Mode to Quiet.
  10. Set the VXR-7000 Lock Out Mode to OFF.