Computer Automation Technology

ED-1000W Software History Report

Version Date Description
1.00 May 1, 1997

1) ED-1000W released to production.

1.01.00 Dec 01, 1998

1) Word structure updated to include the weather voice variables.

2) Voice words Celsius and Center were reverse listed within the word lookup table.

3) Word "Well-Done" was listed as "Well-Come".

4) PDQCOMMx.DLL was a missing file during the build process.

5) Codes Memory Saves 5,6,7, and 8 were not updating correctly and has been fixed.

6) Zones memory saves were interacting between the various zone channels.

7) Zones were still not updating correctly and the code has been re-worked.

2.00 April 24, 1999 1) Editor converted to a 32 bit program. Big improvement!
2.10 April 2, 2002

1) Double click executions changed to single click.

2) Menu item "new" has been removed.