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CAT-800 Firmware History Report

Version Date Description
blue arrow down1.00 July 20, 2016 1) CAT-800 released for sale.
blue arrow down1.01a Oct 1, 2016 1) Transceiver loop moved from events task to Port #1 task
blue arrow down1.01b Oct 14, 2016 1) Fixed transmitter drop message
blue arrow down1.01c Jan 12, 2017

(1) Fixed CW frequency and speed setting during DTMF programming.

(2) Prevent a drop messages from playing after an ID.

(3) Added a 500ms delay before CW message starts.

blue arrow down1.02 Mar 6, 2017

(1) Added DR-800 feature

(2) Other minor software fixes

blue arrow down1.03 Mar 20, 2017

(1) Added Internet config file upload/download using the CAT-800 Windows Editor.

(2) Other software changes and fixes

blue arrow down1.04 Mar 28, 2017

(1) Added automatic DST detection changing the internal clock as needed.

(2) Added Short Timers page to the web interface.

(3) Other minor software changes.

CAT-800 Support Files


CAT-800 USB Drivers Installation Procedure

CAT-800 Firmware Update Procedure through USB (PDF File Format).

LM Flash Microcontroller Update Program.

Stellaris FTDI Driver Files.