Computer Automation Technology

CAT-300DXL Firmware History Report


Version Date Description
1.00 May 7, 2000

1) CAT-300DXL Released to production.

1.01 June 14, 2001

1) Link port, with CTCSS channel on, was not dropping with loss of CTCSS. It was only dropping with loss of COR.

1.02 Feb. 23, 2002

1) Zone 8 (DVR expanded user function switches) were not being updated from a macro or scheduler.

2) Expanded UF switches on the DVR were not being refreshed at power-up.

1.03 May 4, 2002

1) Area code lookup has been moved from the long distance to the normal autopatch start loop.

2) Hook-Flash and Mute on-the-fly (within autopatch) has been deleted.

3) Voice message 9 was being trashed whenever a memory save was executed.

4) Hardware macro calls 11-18 were not being processed correctly and has been fixed.

5) If Zone 3 channel 2 is off, the CW ID becomes active.

1.04 July 22, 2002 1) Fix active COR input from taking telephone decoder switch.
1.05 July 1, 2003

1) When in Rec-Only, there was no PTT#1.

2) Fix problem with user entering an illegal character for speed dial locations.

3) Fix the telephone busy input circuit that was responding to the CAT-300DX way of working by using UF #2 input. The CAT-300DXL has a new assignment, pin 25 of the DB connector.

1.06 July 21, 2003

1) Zone 6 channel 7 added. ID out link enable.

2) Fan control feature added. Assigned as Zone 1 Channel 6.

1.07 July 1, 2004

1) Corrected problem with transmitter off command (after an extended time) not recovering correctly.

Please contact the factory (954-978-6171) for update request.