Computer Automation Technology

CAT-300 and CAT-300DX Firmware History Report

Version Date Description
1.00 Nov 27, 1993

1) CAT-300 Released to production.

1.01 Jan 16, 1994

1) During memory files recall, the internal processor RAM was not updated with the new zone channel info.

1.02 Mar 12, 1994

1) Fixed forced autopatch connect, zone 5 channel 4.

2) Added pre-dial capability (Zone 4 Channel 8) to the speed dial and emergency speed dials.

1.03 Apr 25, 1994

1) With autopatch long distance enable channel on, the requirement that the first digit be a "1" has been deleted. Now any digits up to the count of 12 digits will be accepted without checking the first digit.

2) Zone 5, channel 5 feature added which puts the CAT-300 to sleep except for an autopatch (manual / speed dials) and reverse autopatch activation.

3) Pre-dial before the speed dial (added in version V1.02) has been deleted. Now the speed dial programming numbers can have double stars embedded to activate a one second delay. Up to four stars can be inserted, i.e., 2 stars = 1 sec, 3 stars = 2 sec, 4 stars = 3 sec.

4) Telephone line in service feature added and is controlled by Zone 5, Channel 6. The CAT-300 looks at input #2 for the phone busy logic input and can be either positive or negative going as determined by dip switch #4.

5) Link transceiver PTT feature has been added and is controlled by Zone 6, Channel 1. If this channel is activated, user output #3 will follow the main repeater COR input.

1.04 Aug 1, 1994 1) During a Keypad test with muting active, the pound read back has been fixed.
1.05 Sep 5, 1994

1) Programming a CW identification position other than *341 results in an error exit.

2) Zone 2 Channel 5 activated to enable the user to select either COR "AND" PL requirement or COR "OR" PL requirement.

3) Link transceiver COR input has been added to control audio switching within the RBS-1000 remote base switcher.

1.06 Oct 5, 1994 1) PL override with DTMF access channel on has been corrected.
1.07 Oct 25, 1994

1) During programming of the control codes, an error message is issued if no data is entered.

2) Zone 8 channel 1 has been added which when turned on, requires CTCSS be present to process an Autopatch or Speed Dial.

1.08 Nov 30, 1994

1) Telephone prefix numbers (100 each) has been added and controlled by Zone 8 channel 3.

2) Telephone area code lookup table added (10 area codes) and is controlled by Zone 8 channel 2.

3) Zone 4 channel 8, Autopatch pre-dial, now controls the manual autopatch only. Zone 8 channel 4 has been added and controls the pre dial for all speed dials.

4) Chip select software timing on the DTMF Transceiver device changed to accept the new MT8880CE version device. The DTMF output has been changed to a 100ms burst.

2.00 Feb 20, 1995 1) Serial CRT data transfer feature added.
2.01 June 12, 1995

1) Macro command Zone 5 channel 4 is now operational. This macro command will force the user into an autopatch connect.

2) Ring detector announcer feature has been added and is controlled by Channel 8, Zone 5.

2.02 Sep 17, 1995

1) Reconfigured the serial clock data stream output to accept either a positive or negative clock to transfer data. This change was to accommodate the DVR-1000 clock requirement of negative transition on the clock input to generate an interrupt.

2) A DVR configuration byte was implemented to distinguish between the DVR-1000 and the Ming DVM-58. Programming the config byte is with *281 or *282 with *280 as the read back.

2.03 Oct 1, 1995

1) The Ming and DVR-1000 is still having an incompatibility problem. Changes made to help the situation.

2) Command to read month and month day (2400) was loading DOM instead of MOY before a call to the voice month.

2.04 Jun 22, 1996

1) Voice synthesizer "reset" added to various PTT drop points to prevent continuous synthesizer noise from being transmitted. There seems to be a problem with the later 53C30 chip's from TI. Earlier chips with early date codes does not exhibit any of these problems.

2) Whenever the controller was placed in the remote base mode, activating COR #1 while COR #2 was still active caused the entered command to repeat continuously.

3) A clock read back can be selected to voice 12 or 24 hour. Programming the selection is with *220, *221, and *222.

4) Control of the 16 serial user function switches have been added to the internal command structure as 80XX & 81XX.

5) Both DVR and 24 hour configuration bits are remembered after a power reset.

6) Executing a CW character from a macro has been fixed.

2.05 Aug 1, 1998

1) Correct DVR off-air operations when users entering an additional DTMF input after the * entry.

2) The special operational mode with Zone 5 channel 5 on, the user function output controlling and the user function inputs are now active along with the autopatch.

3) Improvements to the CAT300DX serial Xmodem upload and download functions. Each process was enhanced for the Cat_Comm windows communication program.

4) Disable the CKDTMF op's during DVR-1000 off air testing.

5) Correct interaction between the DVR-1000 and the CW identification procedure.

2.06 Dec 28, 1999

1) Memory file ID was not being updated when a memory file was being loaded through a macro call.

2) Radio Mute channel not being changed via a macro call has been corrected.

2.07 Jun 17, 2000

1) Commands added *23 to bump clock down by one hour and *24 to bump clock up by one hour.

2) Power-up reset activated over the telephone via *99#. Also if a power reset is activated via the phone, the power-up voice message is deactivated.

2.08 Oct 6, 2004

1) Fix audio switching leak during linking mode.

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