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CAT-250 Firmware Update History Report

Version Date Description
1.00 Jun 2, 2003

1) CAT-250 released to production.

1.01 Aug 1, 2003

1) With Zone 1 Channel 4 ON and during a CW identification, a key of COR during the CW
was causing the repeater to hang.

2) The controller's identification function was re-written to fix incorrect placement
of ID#1 (Inactive ID) and ID#2 (Active ID).

1.01A Sep 1, 2003

1) Activated macro pointers 41XX-46XX to facilitate the pulse tuning of various radio's.

2) Fixed Time-Of-Day zone control channel which did not disable the time-of-day request.

3) DTMF un-mute command (#) was not resetting after a command was entered.

4) DTMF muting not working properly on port #2.

5) Macro pointer 6XXX (controlling UF outputs) no longer change the zone 5 contents. Nor do these macro pointers update the EE PROM contents.

1.01B Sep 3, 2003

1) Voice ID switch-to-CW was causing the PTT to remain on has been fixed.

2) Added a new Echolink® control channel Zone 7 Channel 3. When on and port #1 DTMF muting is on, DTMF entries will only be muted out port #1. Port #2 will pass DTMF tones for node controlling.

1.01C Sep 20, 2003

1) Reading back macro codes, while in the programming mode, was voicing the word "Ten" instead of word "Zero". .

2) Turn-On-Delay reset is now controlled by the DTMF Access Sleep timer.

1.01D Oct 15, 2003 1) When in the remote base mode and the fan zone control active, link PTT was not operating correctly.
1.01E Dec 11, 2003

1) During Port #2 time-out, Fan timer was being cleared.

2) Other minor correction and enhancements.

1.01F Feb 5, 2004

1) New command pointers added for DTMF access On/Off (7100=Off, 7101=On).

2) Packet boundary on some large macro commands were buffering -1 when populated by the ED-250W configuration editor.

1.01G Feb 24, 2004

1) Fixed forced ID problem that was suppressing the link audio (Reported via CAT-250 FORUM posting).

1.01H Mar 27, 2004

1) Fixed programming of event macro 50 (Power-on) and user macro 40 via DTMF. Read and Erase OK but not accepting Programming commands.

1.02 Oct 19, 2004

1) Fixed forced DTMF entry channel from aborting other entries.

2) Removed internal audio OFF command after playing a voice message from within a macro.

3) Fixed CTCSS encoder switching during CW.

1.02A May 18, 2005 1) Fixed COR #2 switching ID to CW problem.
1.03 May 24, 2008

1) Fixed CW ID not being able to program one character.

2) Fixed stuck PTT with a empty CW ID and keying up on a voice ID programmed to switch to CW.

1.04 Aug 5, 2010

Dip Sw6 added to place CAT-250 in transceiver mode

1.05 July 20, 2012

Changes to accomindate the Atmel AT89C51RE2 microprocessor.

Please contact the factory (954-978-6171) for update request.