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ED250W Program Crash

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  • ED250W Program Crash

    Have a real problem here. Went to the repeater site to change parameters on theWX250 Weather receiver. Had the laptop with the ED250W software in it. Went to change the event codes of things we want notification on and checked off quite a few. Went to program the WX250 and software crash. Even came home and downloaded the new version of the software and same thing. Hopefully someone can figure out when you click off on a lot of events that this occurs. I figured if i wanted to click off on all events i could do so without this happening. If someone can answer this please do so. BTW tried this on 3 different laptops and reset the WX250 3 times and had the same results. The only way to get this to upload to the WX250 is to back off on how many events I checked.
    Thank You!
    Eric N9MCS

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    Re: ED250W Program Crash


    Supports up to 24 events being checked. How many events were you checking off when you began to have upload problems?

    AL - CAT


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      I probably had more than that. Then that was the problem. Thanks!