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manual is not clear

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  • manual is not clear

    Several areas of the manual are as clear as mud to me..

    One, the "at rest ID". Is this an Initial ID? As in that is what we hear the first time someone keys up after a period of idle time? Or it ID's while nobody is using it at all? When we had the at rest ID programmed the silly thing was talking to us constantly. The manual contradicts itself on this ID in a couple places.

    And what about a 'kerchunk filter'? Delay time 603 makes it look like that is a kerchunk filter tyoe of thing. It makes no difference what we set that time to, any key activity activates the repeater.

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    Re: Manual Issues

    The "At Rest" ID will be fired whenever the repeater is at rest and not used for awhile. It will be the "1st" ID to play when the repeater is first put in-use. After that, the Active ID will play for the remaining repeater activity. Most users have a longer ID for the at rest ID and a shorter ID for the active ID's. BTW, both ID channels Zone 3 Channels 1 and 2 must be on for this action to operate.

    As for the 'kerchunk filter" filter, do you have Zone 1 Channel 5 on?

    AL - CAT


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      Originally posted by AL
      As for the 'kerchunk filter" filter, do you have Zone 1 Channel 5 on?
      Hmm, probably not.. I'll check that out. Thanks