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Cat 400 Repeater Port 1 Issue

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  • Cat 400 Repeater Port 1 Issue

    It seems that if some keys up over the Voice ID on the Repeater Port 1 and it switches to CW ID, if they unkey before the CW finishes, when it does I get an open squelch on the repeater output for about 5 seconds or so. It will stop by itself or if someone keys up again. This only happens on the Repeater Port. I have a link radio on Port 2 and an IRLP board on Port 3. Whenever a signal comes in on any of those ports and keys up with the Voice ID, it will switch it to CW and everything works fine. I am using the controller with a Vertex VX-5000 Repeater. I previously had a Cat-250 controller on the same machine, and had no issues. I am getting a little perplexed with this issue. Anyone else having this problem? Any Ideas??

    Dave K0DMF

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    Cat 400 Repeater Port 1 Issue

    Judging by the lack of replies to most of the posts on this controller, it seems that not even anyone at Catauto care too much about this product. These controllers have bugs in them and even the latest firmware updates and complete reset and reprogram of the controller have not fully corrected the issue.


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      Cat 400 Repeater Port 1 Issue


      Sorry about your issue but you should have called into CAT to have this resolved quickly. This forum is a customer information exchange forum, not a support forum. You did state "Anyone else having this problem?"

      I talked with Ron and he setup a CAT-400 but could not exhibit the problem you are reporting. I would highly suggest you call into the factory (954-978-6171) and speak with Ron and give him more details on how he can duplicate the same issue you are reporting. I am confident that Ron will get your system back in operation quickly.

      CAT - Administrator


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        Open Squelch After CW ID

        Yes, I have experienced the same issue on the CAT-400 controller.

        If the CW ID starts up while somebody is talking (the forced ID), when that person unkeys while the CW ID is still going, there will be an open-squelch condition WHILE the CW ID is still running. The squelch will close AFTER the CW ID completes. I visited with Ron at Dayton in 2008 and 2009 and he was able to duplicate this issue in his hotel room and he kindly correct this issue with a firmware update to my chips. (thank you Ron).

        Since the correction, however, the open squelch issue has shifted. Now, since the update, if the CW ID starts while somebody is talking (the forced ID), if that station unkeys and the CW ID continues to run, there is no open-squelch condition while the CW is playing., when the CW ID completes, then the squelch will open and remain open until (1) a station bumps the receiver or transmits, or (2) the repeater times out.

        I have to talk to Ron and get have this latter issue taken care of since it tends to time out my links. If I am on the air, I am well aware of this issue and if it happens while I am listening, I will naturally "bump" the repeater to close the squelch. Ron is very helpful, but I just haven't had time to call him, yet.


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          HELP-- Squelch Open after ID

          I own 3 CAT-400 controllers. I now have pinpointed the "open squelch" problem and can duplicate it every time. I am posting this to help others.

          Now, I know for certain that the above post is correct, because I can duplicate the issue over and over, again. While a station is talking, and when the forced CW ID begins, if that station unkeys before the forced CW ID is complete, the squelch will remain open after the completion of the CW ID, locking up the repeater system. While the squelch is open, if a station keys up briefly, then the squelch will close and then everything goes back to normal. I am guessing that a firmware upgrade will correct this.

          I will contact Ron with this issue. He has been very helpful in the past.

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            See my post, "CAT-400 Locks Up After ID", posted October 11, 2013. I had the exact issue and present a solution, after hours of troubleshooting. Port 2 remains open after the ID completes and it is the squelch of Port 2 that you are hearing. Read my post for a fix.