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Problems with DTMF commands...

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  • Problems with DTMF commands...

    We have a CAT-400 on our VHF repeater and a CAT-200 on our UHF repeater. We took the link port from the 200, and connected it to port 2 on the 400 to link the two repeaters together. This is so each repeater has its own controller, ID?s etc, and so we can bring down the link and still have 2 operational repeaters.

    The problem we are having is the 400 will not respond to ANY DTMF commands when we have the 200 linked over. Once I go to the 200 controller and send the link down (5000) command, now the 400 will respond to DTMF commands.

    I went thru and verified that all the RX ports are set to 220mv. Not sure if anyone else has seen this before but any help would be great!!