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control receiver and jammer

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  • control receiver and jammer

    We're thinking about adding a control receiver to a 300dxl. Before going to that much trouble we'll like to be sure it will work as we'd need.

    The manual is silent on the use of a control RX and I find no discussion of it here.

    What happens if there is a jammer active on RX1 and we send a kill command on RX2? Will the COR from RX2 cause switches D and E to switch and route the RX2 audio to the DTMF decoder? Or will the COR from RX1 hold the switches in position to decode RX1 audio? Since switch E switches between RX1 and RX2 it can't do both.

    Also, is there any reason to connect the audio from RX2 through the socket for the Audio Delay? Since we plan on using this only for control we could leave those pins open and have no concern about control codes being broadcast over the repeater.

    TIA es 73 de dave

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    OK, since I have received no responses I take it that the answer is, no, the COR of RX2 cannot be made to override RX1 (why not? - seems like a simple programming step/option).

    So . . . what if we instead place the main repeater on the link port and the control RX on the main port? Will the control RX then be able to override the jammer, who will now be on the link port? What problems might we encounter if we do this?



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      Why can't you just take a logic level such as COR or CTCSS decode and disable the channel element in the main receiver? I'm sure your main has an F1, F2, etc logic to enable it's channel elements. Just lift the frequency select line and your main is OFF no matter who's trying to jam it. As long as you have a signal on your control link, your main is inop!