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  • icom FR3000

    Has anyone successfully interfaced the CAT 300 to an ICOM FR3000 repeater?
    We made up a cable to the FR3000 accessory connector but it does not work. The ICOM repeater did not come with schematics and ICOM is reluctant to support us.

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    Check There is a service manual on there for it.

    Under the service manuals, board layouts, "Reg/Jack 1/2 Unit" is where you should find the pinouts you need.


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      FR3000 Interface

      We are using an FR4000 which has the same pinout as the FR3000. It works extremely well and has proven itself as a "bulletproof" repeater.

      Here is the info you need:
      The pinout on the Icom DB-25 connector is as follows: Pin #1 -- COR, Pin #10 -- TX audio, Pin #12 -- RX Audio, Pin #19 -- PTT, Pin 24 -- Ground. If you wish to insert PL encode only while rx active (IRLP or Echolink) & not transmit beeps & boops, etc, Pin #8 -- PL, DCS tone insertion. On your tone deck, power it continuously & ground line goes to Active low COR point. Tie the tone output to Icom DB-25 Pin #8 & you will only generate tone while rx active. ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE NOT DOCUMENTED .... to have external controller take over, Icom IC-FR4000 must be in REMOTE MODE!

      Once interfaced, BE SURE to push the remote button (activates the remote mode). This disables the internal controller & allows total control by the CAT300, or for that matter, any external controller/device.

      Good luck & if I can be of further assistance, contact me at You can see my full posting of this system under the CAT1000 forum.

      Rick, KM9E