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Cat 200 won't tx anymore ???

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  • Cat 200 won't tx anymore ???

    Hello every one I've encountered a problem with my cat 200 and looking to see if anyone else has experienced this I've had it since 2008 and have had no problems I believe it's v1.14 I recently moved my repeater from an indoor site to a really remote site and is now mounted inside an enclosure on the side of my 72 ft tower it was working excellent and I. The last 2 weeks has gone offline I went to the site today and found rx radio receiving and tx radio not txing but when I cycled the power of to on it started up and began working again but only for a few minutes now it won't Tx at all and I can't get it to work at all I did is however plug a mic in to verify it does work that way and it did tho only thing that changed is the environment
    will low temp cause controller to stop
    working this is all I know short of unplugging and grounding ptt on my db 25 to test that but that's next. Thanks guys in advance

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    Repeater is
    Rx icom 6011
    Tx icom f221s