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    Well Guy's I finally got it finished. It's working Like a clock. I have a 2m repeater with a CAT-200. And a 70cm repeater with a CAT-250. The CAT-250 has a RLS-1000 on it that has port 1 hooked to Port 2 of the CAT-200. Port 2 on the RLS-1000 is hooked to a UHF GE Pheniox mobile. Port 3 on the RLS-1000 is hooked to a VHF GE Pheniox mobile. Both mobiles are programmed with local and regional repeaters. Plus simplex frequencies. I can change channels on either mobile through the UHF repeater.Now I can hook either repeater to a mobile or together. Or I can run both repeaters seperate and hook the two mobiles together for cross band repeat. Or tie all of them together and have the mobiles linked to a local repeater. My plans are to get another RLS-1000 and hook it to the first RLS-1000 and have a UHF to HF link for extreme conditions. Like hurricanes. We can have multiple shelters talking to each other through the repeater, plus the capabilites of talking to the OEP in Baton Rouge. Or passing traffic to other shelters.

    It's awsome, I could not do it without the CAT equipment.
    Thanks go to AL, Harlie, and Ron

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    Just to give ya'll an update. The portable tower is still working great. Thanks guys for great products.