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Controller reverting back to default settings

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  • Controller reverting back to default settings

    I programmed all my timers, IDs, messages, and zones and then locked the controller. Later when the repeater ID'ed, it went back to the defaults ID's and the codes did as well. Is there an internal battery that could go bad? I have noticed the clock holds its time but everything else reverts back to default.

    Two things you should check.

    1). Insure Dip-Sw #7 is in the OFF position. If it's left in the on position and the controller momentarily looses power, default data will be reloaded into memory again.

    2). Make sure you have changed the Memory Recall control code (defaults to 175). If anyone out there on your repeater knows that code, he can quickly overwrite your values with new values from one of the eight memory saves. By the way, these memory saves are pre-loaded with default values until changed by the repeater programmer.

    If you want to see if a memory save on your repeater has been activated, do a memory file read. Keyup and send "1750" (if the code is still at the default value). If the voice announces anything other than memory file 1, then someone had changed your parameters by overwriting your programmed values from a memory file.