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How to test RLS-1000B

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  • How to test RLS-1000B

    I have RLS-1000B with a CAT-300DXL.

    I have hooked up a GM300 Motorola radio to port #1.
    It is supposed to be COR active low so I've added a resistor to R33.

    For some reasons, I can't get the radio to transmit and the COR doesn't seem to work neither.
    I would like to check the board itself because I know that the PTT and ground of the radio are good (I've tested it by shorting it to send the radio on TX).

    I just don't know what to try next. My zone 6 - 1 is ON .. all others are off.
    Zone 7 - 5 is on also.

    Help !

    73 - VE9MDB

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    Look like there may be a wrong wiring somewhere...
    But while I was checking if I was getting my 12 Volts at pins 1 & 2 on the RLS_1000B, I noticed I was only getting 3 volts. So I decided to disconnect the RLS-1000B board and check right at the controller at pins 16 and 17.
    But I guess something went wrong because the controler's fuse blown up.
    I have to wait for tomorrow to get a new fuse and check all the wiring.

    Is there any other way I can check if the remote switch board work ???


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      I finally got some fuses and tested some stuff.

      I got the 12 Volt properly at the end of the righ pins, so I know the RLS-1000B is powered.

      Now, how can I have the board to communicate with the controler?

      The radio hooked up is a GM-300 and I have 5 volts on the COR pin (pin 8 of the radio). But it look like the voltage doesn't go down when I receive a signal. WIll have to check the RSS to see if the radio is programmed properly.
      But I should have been able to key up the PTT from the board ... which is not happening.

      What have I miss?


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        Actually, it is more like 14 volts going out of this pin to the RLS-1000B.
        I guess it is ok?

        Still no luck with the functionnality of the RLS-1000B.
        What should I expect from the user output ports ? Maybe my problem is there?



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          More information, still not working

          Hey !

          Finally, I have double checked all my wiring ... and the result is that it was correctly wired. The problem doesn't seem to come from there.

          So I did some more testing.

          First, when I key the repeater, I hear it roger beep.
          When there is COR on the remote switch, the repeater roger beep change when I key up the repeater.

          But the remote base radio isn't going to the repeater and doesn't TX neither.
          So I checked some test point.

          First, I have my 2200 ohm on the Port #1 receiver because I am using a GM300 and read somewhere I needed that resistor. (Btw, I did test the radio on other port where I don't have that resistor, the result is the same).
          Next, the radio itself has a working COR on pin 8. I've programmed it tonight and it is working very well. 5 volts when no activity, falling down to near 0 when there is activity on the frequency.

          Then, I made sure that dip switch on the CAT-300DXL was OFF for number 3 and 4.

          Finally, I've added a resistor at R5 to be sure I wasn't missing something. I tested COR #2 on the CAT-300DXL and at rest the voltage is near 0 and when my radio does receive a signal, the voltage raise up to around 12 volts. SO I know that COR #2 is working, at least from the remote base board to the controller.

          Now, how come I can't get the remote RX to go through the repeater TX 1 ??
          And how come my RX 1 doesn't key-up the remote base board transmitter?

          I have adjusted output user switch accordingly so at this time only 751 is active (port #1). But for some reason, the PTT doesn't ground with pin #7 ...

          Help me ! I don't know what's wrong but I need it working soon.

          Matt-- VE9MDB


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            Problem SOLVED !

            Hey !

            I finally got in touch with Ron, over the phone. He's amazing and very friendly to call so don't hesitate next time.

            Don't loose your time writing email, it is much more easier over the phone.
            Phone number : 954-978-6171

            So here is the "real" problem.
            To get the remote port working, you have to turn on the port #2 on the controller (CAT-300DXL). So to turn it on, you have to send 5001 (if you haven't changed the code). To turn it off, it is 5000. But I had another problem, there was some kind of mix in my memory. I didn't want to delete everything to start over so we just created a new macro for turning on the remote port switch.

            Here's how to do it.
            If you don't have any macro in position 10, you can use this code :

            *1410 (code you want to use) * 7001 3015
            Example: *1410 123* 7001 3015

            I should have called earlier, I would have saved many hours or work and probably saved some fuses and I may not have broken a radio

            Thanks Ron !