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    I have a cat 2ooB and a RLS 1000, and two Icom 320s
    transivers on port one and port two. when I link up to 2 diffrent repeaters it recives on port one and transmitts on port 2. When it is reciving on port 2 it's transmitting on port 1. It wo'nt let the repeaters drop out. They just keep keying each other. I would appriciate the helpful reply.

    Thank You,

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    Hello Jeff,

    What you are seeing is what should happen when linked to 2 repeater outputs at the same time. Both repeaters have hang time. If on one port you were linked to a simplex frequency or one of the repeaters had no hang time it would be no problem. The only way to get around this problem is if one of the repeaters dropped their hang time or you could decode their CTCSS output & then the CTCSS output on their repeater would only be actve when they have a signal on the input.