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Cross band - Two radio hookup

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  • Cross band - Two radio hookup

    Got a idea! My ARES group has a portable tower with a 2m & 70cm repeater. I want to hookup a RLS-1000 to the CAT-700 on the 70cm repeater for a remote base/cross-band repeater.On the RLS I'll take port one to a 2m transceiver. Take port two to a 70cm transceiver. And port three to the 2m repeater. This way I can use the 70cm with port one active for remote base use to a local 2m repeater. While still using the ARES 2m repeater for ARES operations. Then if needed, I can seperate the two ARES repeaters, turn off the second port on the 700, turn on number one and two ports on the RLS and use them for a cross-band link. I'll be testing this system soon. And I'll report back with my findings.
    P.S. Been studing this idea for awhile.