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Multiple link radios and controlling them... Basics

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  • Multiple link radios and controlling them... Basics

    I'm really starting from square one and am really struggling with the basics.

    Our setup is supposed to accommodate three link radios. We are currently using two. When we refer to Port #1 are we talking about the link to the first linked radio? Then Port #2 would be the second link radio? Our system was provided as turn key by the vendor. Macros 27, 28 and 26 say they will connect, disconnect and make Port #2 receive only. So, if I'm correct executing macro #2 would put the link radio in receive only on that Link Radio... right?

    Next question assuming the ports directly relate to the connected link radios. If we connect something to the third port on the RLS 1000 will there magically be a port #3 that I can control as well?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me directly if you want to take me on as a project

    Dave, KC5SII

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    Crickets??? I'm still stuck in the mud with this.