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  • DVR - Cat 700 interaction...


    Recently replaced a Link Comm RLC-2 / DVR with a CAT700/DR-1000 combo.

    It's used here in Florida to play a couple updates regarding tropical weather on our area's Big Stick repeater system.

    Here's a problem we have. The RLC-2 would not "intrude" over a QSO when the macro would fire the DVR track. The CAT (granted, i'm not the most familiar with the 700, as you know most of my controllers are 250's) seems to be, well "rude". I understand that if once the macro fires and the track starts playing that it can't be interupted by a COR sence, that's not the concern - I need the macro to not execute if the repeater is in use. Having a 20 second tropical weather update in the middle of a active QSO isn't working that well for us.

    Any suggestions, or is the lack of "event macro's" on the 700 going to prevent me from being able to do this?

    Dave Anderson